Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden Hardback
Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden Hardback
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Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden (Hardback) PRE-ORDER
By Michael Sloan

Preview of the book:

“Lethbridge-Stewart moved through the overlapping shadows in the cemetery with his heart pounding in his chest. The coffin was shrouded by rain that sheeted across the ground. He knew what would be waiting for him, but he could not turn away from it. He approached the grave carefully, aware that one of the shadows could manifest itself into the shape of the creatures. Vines had wrapped their tentacles around the coffin. Lethbridge-Stewart stepped up to coffin, holding onto his revolver, and lifted the lid. He shoved it to one side, revealing the creature lying beneath. She was a scarecrow of the vision he had in his mind. Her skin was dry and flaked off when he touched it. She was a husk, wasting away as if ravaged by a deadly disease. Her eyes were obsidian, her long eyelashes a mockery of the once beautiful face. Its texture repelled him. It was his worst nightmare.”

This is a limited release and will include a postcard and free book featuring stories from the LSVerse! 

The Kiss of the Ice Maiden is currently only available to pre-order. A limited paperback edition is also available for £10 (+ p&p) with only 300 copies being printed. 

This book is not covered by any subscription.

You can also buy a bundle of both the paperback and hardback editions of Kiss of the Ice Maiden AND Lost in Christmas:


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