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The Incredible Shrinking Ghost
The Incredible Shrinking Ghost by Brian Moses Do you think ghosts need to go to the toilet? Or do ghosts kiss? Yuck! Alex and Phoebe have a lot of questions about ghosts, but no one to ask until they meet Walter. He knows everything there is to know about ghosts. After all, he is one! But Walter has...
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The Secret Garden
After her parents pass away, Mary Lennox leaves her home in India to live in her uncle s manor on the Yorkshire Moors. Lonely and unloved, she is rude to the servants, and left cold by her surroundings. But one day Mary discovers a long-lostkey, which lets her into a walled garden,locked away by her...
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Kangazang Audiobook
Kangazang! Remote Possibilities by Terry Cooper Audiobook CD Version A 3-disc A udiobook (read by Doctor Who's Colin Baker) plus bonus DVD! Two men. Saving the Universe. On Space Hoppers. Troubled Earthman Jeff Spooner and his eccentric barber Ray Scump set off across the galaxy to see the sights, find...
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Timesplit by Paul W Robinson Jennifer Johnson wakes up one morning to find herself having an out-of-body experience! Not only that, but she's in someone else's body, in someone else's time. She's now a kitchen maid in the nineteeth century. At the same moment, Edith is also transferred into another body,...
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Wild Hair: The Shadow of the..
Wild Hair: The Shadow of the Fox by Paul Wines A Graphic Novel from Candy Jar Meet Wild Hair and his friendly tribe of brave warriors. Follow their adventures as they travel the countryside, warning friends and neighbours of impending doom! There's a huge fox at large! And it eats almost anything! After...
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The Invisible Artist Hardback
The Invisible Artist by Jeff Cummins PRE-ORDER Since 1976, Jeff Cummins has been a prolific artist on many book covers, album covers, and posters. He thinks of himself as the invisible artist due to the fact that much of his work, although known and out there, most people are unaware that it was Jeff...
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Cameron Tiberius McPherson a..
Cameron Tiberius McPherson and His Magic Chair by Tug J. Wilson Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his eccentric mum, Lulu, live on the top flor of Grimethorpe Towers in the town of Pimple. Their lives are turned upside down when a huge tornado arrives, bringing the magical mechanic, Mr Pea. He gives Cameron...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: T..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Children of January by Tim Gambrell (Book 8) A new calendar year. A new term. A new set of challenges for Lucy Wilson and Hobo Kostinen. The two of them discover they ve been selected to represent their school at a national team event, that weekend. But why such short notice?...
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Monsters Next Door
Sam has a feeling there are monsters next door. No one else thinks so, but Sam isn't sure. Every day, out of the window they stare To see any sign of a monster out there. Strange sounds and sights, bumps in the night Weird, spooky shapes under the moonlight. The week before Christmas, Sam will dare To...
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