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The Haunted Staircase
by Devika Rosamund

Fiction for children aged 9-12.

Four friends use a magic spell to travel back in time to solve a ghostly mystery in a Scottish castle. But things go wrong!

They accidentally change history and, to their horror, they become trapped in the past working as servants in ghastly Victorian conditions.

Will they ever get back to the twenty-first century? And will they solve the mystery of the ghost? Only time will tell!
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The Haunted Staircase
23 March 2020
This is an exciting and enthralling story set in the Highlands of Scotland involving a ghost, magic, and time travel back to Victorian days. I strongly recommend it for 8 to 13 year olds.
Tony Wellman
The Haunted Staircase
12 May 2020
The Haunted Staircase is a time travel novel with a hint of mystery. It is a story about a group of children who go back to the Victorian era to solve a mystery about how a maid fell down a staircase to her death. I believe this story would be enjoyed by children aged 8 to 12 years old who would like to know more about Victorian times. It has many historical facts and is a brilliant book. A classic in the making! I could not put it down! I really enjoyed how the author illustrated that changes to the past effect the future and that this is called the butterfly effect. My favourite character was Beattie, she was very funny and made me laugh especially when they had just returned from the past and she had forgotten her Top Shop dress, which was more important to her than the fact that they have changed history. My favourite parts of the book were when you found out who the missing ring really belonged to and when changes to the past enabled Maisie to have a happy future. Devika Rosamund has put a great deal of work into creating such a good story, she has such an amazing way of drawing you in and making the reader not want to put the book down. I really felt a part of the story, sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter, I was hooked! I would recommend it to history lovers, young readers and Penelope Lively fans.
Olivia McNeice, age 11
Top Marks!
18 November 2020
What a lovely story and told in a beautiful style. My 10 year old daughter has only recently become interested in reading on her own but she enjoyed this book emensely and needed no encouragement to finish it in record time. Bravo!
Basil Lawrence
Great Book
13 May 2020
I read this book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Five stars!
Verity Russell
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