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The Voyage of Van Rouge by Heather Summers

“Imaginative and quirky, this book crosses borders in all sorts of ways and a bit like Alice In Wonderland, grown-ups can enjoy it too. The plot feels surprising rather than building in a beginning-middle-end fashion.” Leonie Pearce

Take a back seat with Pumpkin and Sweet P on their hilarious road trip from deepest West Wales to the remote Greek Island of Lesvos.

Follow their journey as they chase their dream in a vintage campervan they like to call Van Rouge.

This book guarantees adventure, mishap, surprises, interesting characters and discoveries along the way.

Charming illustrations by Paski bring these pages to life.
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First chapter book for my grandson
28 December 2020
Knowing Heather and Hilary - I mean Sweet Pea and Pumpkin - I could really picture their adventures in Van Rouge. Humorous yet serious and definitely a risk taking pair. I really enjoyed reading their story. I then read this to my five year old grandson. I was going to read it chapter by chapter but he wouldn't let me stop till I had read eight chapters. He loved the quirky characters and the every day adventures they had. He got the hang of Pumpkin's collecting urge and Sweet Pea's fiddle playing.
Lyn Weeks
Active vegetating
08 October 2020
I agree with every word of Alison Child's fulsome review. Hop into Van Rouge and enjoy every twist and turn.
A delightful, life-enhancing tale about the joys of European travel
20 September 2020
I was completely won over by Sweet Pea, Pumpkin and the cast of colourful vegetable characters who make this book such an engaging, fun and pacy read. The author strikes a great balance between silliness and moral purpose, without ever hammering it home. A child reading this book will pick up great messages about gender equality, recycling and teamwork AND learn a smattering of Welsh, French, Italian and Greek words which are handily and wittily presented at the start of each chapter. They will also build their vocabulary of English words. Importantly, the author never talks down to her young audience. There are delightful jokes that newly-independent readers will enjoy and the story works equally well read aloud by an adult. I shall be using it in my Year 4 classroom. The illustrations fit beautifully alongside the text. Overall a delightful, life-enhancing tale about the joys of European travel, the makes the perfect antidote to BREXIT.
Alison Child
Light hearted and charming.
25 November 2020
Bought this for my Goddaughter as she travels around with her mum in a camper. Decided to read it myself first. What a delightful adventure. I was totally captivated by it from the first to the last page. Loved the different language explanations at the beginning of each chapter. What a great way to get kids interested in languages. Joyful and fun.
Patsy Glover
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