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The Voyage of Van Rouge
The Voyage of Van Rouge by Heather Summers Imaginative and quirky, this book crosses borders in all sorts of ways and a bit like Alice In Wonderland, grown-ups can enjoy it too. The plot feels surprising rather than building in a beginning-middle-end fashion. Leonie Pearce Take a back seat with Pumpkin...
The Book Spy
The Book Spy by Mark Carton The Book Spy tells the remarkable story of arguably the greatest spy network of all time. This is not MI5 or the CIA, but a network of children focused on discovering the most important stories from around the globe, and getting them back to the UK. From the early 1940s at...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: L..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Lockdown by Multiple Authors Earth is in lockdown. But for Lucy Wilson, staying home doesn t mean staying safe. Dinosaurs, killer plants, even Meme Lords some enemies just don t respect social distancing. So Lucy and her brainbox sidekick Hobo have no choice but to come to...
The House on March Lane
The House on March Lane by Michelle Briscombe In 1836, Harriet's papa, a ship's officer on HMS Beagle, returns from a long journey at sea. On his arrival home, Harriet and her friend Lily become involved in a dangerous secret with tragic consequences. Almost two centuries later, Flora's best friend Archie...
Will's War
Will's War by Cherry Cobb Will is an ordinary boy who likes to build Lego models and play with his dog, Rollo. But after a stupid row with his mum, he ends up at his grandad's house, where he discovers an old air raid shelter. Will steps inside to investigate, but when he comes out he is not in his grandad's...
The Haunted Staircase
The Haunted Staircase by Devika Rosamund Fiction for children aged 9- 12. Four friends use a magic spell to travel back in time to solve a ghostly mystery in a Scottish castle. But things go wrong! They accidentally change history and, to their horror, they become trapped in the past working as servants...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: T..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Serpent's Tongue by Jonathan Macho (Book 6) Lucy Wilson is really getting the hang of being a hero. She s faced alien monsters, travelled through time and saved the world more than once! So when a school trip to Stratford-upon-Avon takes a turn for the weird, throwing her...
Princess Phoebe Meets the Tu..
Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors by Sammy Winward In Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors , Sammy Winward presents a historically accurate snapshot of Tudor princesses, accessible to younger readers. The book presents female characters as strong and self aware, balanced with the awfulness of Tudor life....
Python by Brian Moses Would you rather get squeezed by a snake, touched by a ghost, or called a coward by a mob of bullies? None of the above? Well, think of poor Daniel. His school's haunted, there's a python in his loft, and the Kelly Horton gang are lying in wait outside his house, ready to shower...
The Phoenix and the Carpet b..
The Phoenix and the Carpet by E. Nesbit The Phoenix and the Carpet is the sequel to E. Nesbit s beloved Five Children and It , and the second book in the Psammead trilogy. When Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and Lamb find a mysterious egg, the adventure of a lifetime begins. With the help of their magical...
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