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The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: B..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Back in London by Sue Hampton & Tim Gambrell This book contains two action-packed Lucy Wilson adventures: In The Llanfairfach Rebellion , by Sue Hampton, Lucy and Hobo decide to join the climate change protests on Waterloo Bridge. But something appears to be affecting both...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: T..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Brigadier & The Bledoe Cadets by Tim Gambrell (Book 5) Lucy Wilson has lost her best friend! Normally this would cause her great distress, but when Hobo's body is hijacked by her Grandad, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy is over the moon. Soon they find themselves hurtling...
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The Phoenix and the Carpet b..
The Phoenix and the Carpet by E. Nesbit The Phoenix and the Carpet is the sequel to E. Nesbit s beloved Five Children and It , and the second book in the Psammead trilogy. When Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and Lamb find a mysterious egg, the adventure of a lifetime begins. With the help of their magical...
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Shane the Chef: Let's Get Co..
Shane the Chef: Let's Get Cooking! Hardback PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: This version of Shane the Chef is discounted due to slight damage. The damage is hardly noticable and does not affect the function of the book. This version would still make a great present especially for budding chefs, who will...
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The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: T..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Keeper of Fang Rock by Andy Frankham-Allen Lucy is taken to Fang Rock by her cousin, Kat. The location of one of her grandad's greatest adventures. Only the adventure isn't over yet. It looks like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart might have left something behind... Please also...
Jack Flynn and the Pirate Po..
Jack Flynn and the Pirate Porthole by Christine Perkins While visiting his Aunt Becky at the seaside, Jack discovers a magic porthole in his bedroom! It's not long before Jack is kidnapped by pirates, but that's not the worst of it! He soon discovers that he is the bait to catch a dragon! Jack Flynn...
Princess Phoebe Meets the Tu..
Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors by Sammy Winward In Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors , Sammy Winward presents a historically accurate snapshot of Tudor princesses, accessible to younger readers. The book presents female characters as strong and self aware, balanced with the awfulness of Tudor life....
Python by Brian Moses Would you rather get squeezed by a snake, touched by a ghost, or called a coward by a mob of bullies? None of the above? Well, think of poor Daniel. His school's haunted, there's a python in his loft, and the Kelly Horton gang are lying in wait outside his house, ready to shower...
Revenge of the Cannibal Chic..
Revenge of the Cannibal Chickens by Gavin Lihou Cannibal chickens. Roosters driving trucks. Dastardly villains. Elvis eggsley. Who can be trusted? Dougy and Dermot are out for revenge! Join them on this terrifying and eggsciting ride through slicers and dicers, as they fight for the freedom of chickens...
Something Hiding Beneath My ..
The latest from beloved children's poet Brian Moses, Something Hiding Beneath My Bed charts the ups and downs of growing up in the '50s and '60s. A lot was different back then: the TVs were smaller, the teachers louder, and fun was throwing cowpats at each other! But as Brian captures with his trademark...