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Bloodlines Three Book Bundle..
FIRST 3 BOOKS IN THE BLOODLINES SERIES Lethbridge-Stewart - Bloodlines: Home Fires Burn by Gareth Madgwick (Series 7, Book 1) 1943. Britain's Home Front is feeling the pain of war. The Fourth Operational Corps has other things to worry about. A downed plane in the High Peak leads Professor Travers to...
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 1 ..
THREE BOOK BUNDLE, BOOKS 1-3 Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen (Series 1, Book 1) The inaugural book to the brand-new series of novels set just after the Doctor Who serial The Web of Fear, featuring the characters and concepts created by Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln. The...
Beast of Fang Rock Illustrat..
Lethbridge-Stewart: Beast of Fang Rock Illustrated Edition by Andy Frankham-Allen (Series 1, Book 3) This is an illustrated version of the original Beast of Fang Rock . This edition includes a postcard and a free copy of The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Keeper of Fang Rock by Andy Frankham-Allen! "There's...
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Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of ..
Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden (Hardback) By Michael Sloan Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is in love. Assigned to oversee the installation of a priceless exhibit for the British Museum in Vienna, Lethbridge-Stewart soon meets the intoxicating Melandre, a mysterious fashion model from Paris....
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UNIT: Operation Fall-Out
UNIT: OPERATION FALL-OUT AND OTHER STORIES PRE-ORDER It is August 1973. The International Electromatics incident is still fresh in the memories of the Brigadier, Captain Turner, Sergeant Walters and Corporals Benton and Tracy not to mention snap-happy Isobel Watkins and UNIT s recent recruit, Major Branwell....
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Times Squared Special Edition
Lethbridge-Stewart: Times Squared Special Edition by Rick Cross (Series 3, Book 1) A reprint of the original book featuring a brand new story by Rick Cross and a fantastic new cover! When Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, his fiancee Sally Wright and nephew Owain Vine embark on a much-needed holiday in New...
Travers and Wells: Other War..
Travers and Wells: Other War, Other Worlds Vol 1 (Paperback) by Robert Mammone For a time I believed that mankind had been swept out of existence, and that I stood there with my friend, Edward Travers, the last men left alive. Edward Travers, pulled out of time by a mysterious force, finds himself on...
The Daughters of Earth
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Daughters of Earth by Sarah Groenewegen (Series 4, Book 2) To celebrate Lethbridge-Stewart's birthday, a romantic weekend is planned for him and Sally in a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately for Sally, freak weather causes her to crash her car. Lethbridge-Stewart,...
The Dreamer's Lament
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Dreamer's Lament by Benjamin Burford-Jones (Series 4, Book 3) While visiting his mother, Lethbridge-Stewart is a little perturbed when Harold Chorley calls to ask for his help. A train from Bristol has gone missing, and Chorley is convinced it has something to do with the Keynsham...