Lethbridge-Stewart - The Laughing Gnome: On His Majesty's National Service
by John Peel
(Series 6, book 6)

The book picks up where book five left off, and sees our heroes going back in time to the 1950s and the Korean War.

As a young man Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart never wanted to follow in his illustrious family military history, he just wanted to be a maths teacher. But then the Korean War broke out and he was called up for National Service. He soon met Spencer Pemberton – and his life was changed forever!

The series 6 anthology The Havoc Files: The Laughing Gnome
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A Wonderful Insight In To Why The Brig is The Brig!
09 October 2020
Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart has been called up, and it's the last thing he wants. He has no intentions of becoming a soldier, he just wants to serve his time doing National Service and keep his head down. But finding himself a prisoner in a brutal Korean prison camp, forces the qualities he is trying to hide to come to the fore. This is a trip from reluctant soldier, totally adamant he will leave the army, to a young man deciding that he should stay in the army and become an officer. The events that lead to this change of heart are well descrided and the characters who help him form this new resolve are well drawn and believable. This isn't a story with Aliens it is a story about a man realising that he is meant to be a soldier and more importantly a leader. A lovely little insight into the Brigadier's past. As well as a look at a brutal war, that is to our shame too often ignored
Sue Brand
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