Lethbridge-Stewart: Downtime – Child of the New World Hardback
Lethbridge-Stewart: Downtime – Child of the New World Hardback
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Lethbridge-Stewart: Downtime – Child of the New World (Hardback)
By Andy Frankham-Allen

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart joins her father, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, in a mission to save her sons life!

For the last nine years Kates life has been a happy one. Other than a minor blip in 2003, she hasnt had to worry about aliens bothering her or her son. Indeed, her biggest concern is Gordys first girlfriend. But it all changes when a face from her past appears, bringing with him a warning.

Gordy and his cousin Conall are kidnapped by a radical group calling themselves the Followers of Maitreya!

The Brigadier and Kate join forces with Douglas Cavendish and Anne Travers on a mission to save Gordy and Conall, which leads them to the ruins of Det-Sen Monastery in Tibet where deadly Yeti roam, and a prophecy is about to fulfilled!

What connects the Followers of Maitreya to a developing online school, Asteroid 4179 which is heading towards Earth, and the Brigadiers family?


In co-ordination with Reeltime Pictures, Downtime: Children of the New World is a sequel to their straight-to-video film, Downtime, which introduced the Doctor Who world to the Brigadiers daughter, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

Set in September 2004, Downtime: Children of the New World picks up the story told in Downtime, which saw the Brigadier and his daughter join forces with Doctor Who companions Sarah Jane Smith and Victoria Waterfield to defeat the Great Intelligences plan of world domination through New World University. Although a sequel, the novel is intentionally written to stand on its own.


Limited hardback edition for £25 (+ p&p). This edition will exclusively include an artwork postcard signed by Andy Frankham-Allen, a foreword by original Kate Lethbridge-Stewart actor, Beverley Cressman, as well an additional chapter (not featured in the paperback).
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A Good Story!
09 October 2020
The Brigadier's grandsons have been kidnapped. Kate goes to her father for help. He calls in some very big favours from friends to help get Kate and himself find them. Some really nice insights to the Brigadier's wider family here. The interlude chapter, that is included in the hard back edition but not in the paperback or kindle editions, is well really nice for showing the Brigadier's wider family relationships. Also you get to see the older Brig is still a force to be reckond with. The story is well structured and the charters from the series as well as those from the original Downtime, film and novel, are developed well. A good story that has been a long time in the making but well worth the wait!
Sue Brannd
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