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Sam has a feeling there are monsters next door.
No one else thinks so, but Sam isn't sure.
Every day, out of the window they stare
To see any sign of a monster out there.

Strange sounds and sights, bumps in the night
Weird, spooky shapes under the moonlight.
The week before Christmas, Sam will dare
To discover the truth of the things over there...
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15 July 2021
your book is a big hit with my grandkids. . . . She never brings me any toys to play with her, she brings me that book to read like 10 times a day! she loves it, she's obsessed with it "
S. Holden
15 July 2021
Fantastic book, great illustrations, lovely story , awesome quality , hope you do a sequel.
S. Brzenczek
New favourite book!
15 July 2021
My daughter now has a new favourite author. The book is fantastic Terry Cooper. She couldn t believe that you are the writer AND the illustrator. She s already decided to dress up as one of the monsters on the next World Book Day.
J Parry
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