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: Fox Amoore
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Due to popular demand, Fox Amoore's first album "The Ballad of Midnight" is back. It has been completely revamped, with a large portion of the original songs rebuilt from scratch, some new editions including album exclusives (Such as "Shimmering" and "Immortality"), as well as the original songs for both new and experienced listeners to enjoy and remember.

The 5th year edition features stunning artwork by TaniDaReal ( ) which brings the visual aspects of the album to life quite beautifully. Fully illustrated front and rear cover, 4 page booklet featuring text, photography and lyrics and a fully illustrated CD body.

The 5th year edition of the Ballad of Midnight features a massive 17 tracks. Some new, some original, some completely exclusive to this album:

1 - Sunset  (5th Year Edition)
2 - Dreaming of You (5th Year Edition)
3 - The True Hero (5th Year Edition)
4 - Kitsune
5 - The Condemned
6 - Immortality (New Addition)
7 - The Guide
8 - Dreaming of Scotland (New Addition)
9 - Evening's Lullaby (5th Year Edition)
10 - Shimmering (New Addition)
11 - Winter Snow
12 - Grace (New Addition)
13 - Say Hello... to say Goodbye
 Bonus original editions
14 - Sunset
15 - Dreaming of you
16 - The True Hero
17 - Evening's Lullaby

The album features real instruments and talented musicians : Lilypad, female vocalist, Stephen Cumberworth on flutes and Ryan Freres on the Violin/Fiddle.

The album is presented in a full jewel case, along with cellophane wrapping to protect from dirt and marks in transit. All albums are posted in light-weight bubblewrapped packages for additional protection.
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Customer Reviews

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Ballad of Midnight - Such beauty 5 product stars
"Today this album has been my afternoons listening, such a wonderful album, soft piano and heart warming jazz, i haven't been so peaceful in a while, but this album gives you a cool relaxed feeling to your soul, easy listening and welcoming to all who embark upon such a wondrous journey of musical relaxation, each member of my family has asked me who is responsible for creating that song, and that one, and i simply smile and pass them the album, thank you so much for softly caressing our ears with such wonderful music, this household is definitely fans of your work!, heck they're taking the CD's into their cars driving to and from places in such bliss 3" Andybigfeet - 07 April 2013
Wonderful! 5 product stars
"I picked up this album from Fox himself at Texas Furry Fiesta and played it as soon as I got home. Beautiful relaxing, uplifting, even haunting music paired with lovely art and design. I love finding music I can work to as an artist, and this album's feel fits the bill perfectly. I'm eagerly awaiting his next album." Nyomi Naomh - 25 February 2014
Like from another Word!!! __ 5 product stars
"This music is simply wonderful and great. All tracks on the album gives you chills and relaxing feelings. It's a great experience to enjoy the whole album, especially the tracks that were new covered for the 5th Anniversary Edition. Just put in the CD, lay yourself back, close your eyes and enjoy it! The music will take your soul on a journey, that you will never forget." Stephan Bode - 13 April 2014
Simply superb music. 5 product stars
"The album arrived roughly half an hour ago from Britain, and it's in the player and I'm listening to it as I write this. Gads... This is great music and I'm enjoying every note. As my budget allows, I'll be buying more. Kitsune just came on... wow. Yeah, I'll be buying more." Kyllein MacKellerann - 21 December 2013
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