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Alex and the Tree Faces Hard..
Alex and the Tree Faces By Melanie Christensen Alex has a vivid imagination. The things he comes up with! Trees with faces, giant owls, alien spaceships... Of course, it's all in his head. Or so his mum thinks... Alex and the Tree Faces captures the wonder of the world when seen through the eyes of a...
Beware of the Mirror Man
Monsters have an annoying habit of turning up everywhere: under the bed, in the wardrobe, in the attic. But what about the monster that hides beyond the mirror? Pretty terrifying! When Sophie moves house she stumbles upon the secret residents of her attic - lovable mimics who live inside an old TV. Soon...
Can You Hear It Too
Can You Hear It Too? By Michelle Monan Shh, what's that noise? Can you hear it too? When two brothers build a den in the woods, they hear all sorts of noises and imagine all kinds of terrible things. But their fear is quickly followed by relief. This rhyming story is great for children to predict what...
Charlie Abroad by Paul Robin..
Charlotte Holmes (or Charlie for short) is the world s greatest teen detective. This year, Charlie must handle the excitement of being a teenager, while facing her biggest adventure yet a school trip to Paris. But wherever Charlie goes, trouble always follows! Who is the mysterious lady with red hair?...
George and the Welsh Dragon
George and the Welsh Dragon by Christine Harris George is the only one who can see the dragon. How can he convince everyone that he has found a real Welsh dragon? And when they finally see him, will they be frightened? Will his new friend be safe? When the dragon is in real danger can George save him?...
I Say... Again Chickeroos
I Say... Again Chickeroos by Cassandra Elliott The three Chickeroos are back: Audrey, Hazel and Penelope. But listen very closely The Chickeroos have found words where you can almost hear what they describe. So let s cluck, snap, moo in this fun adventure about the Chickeroos.
I Say... Chickeroos
I SAY... CHICKEROOS BY CASSANDRA ELLIOTT The three Chickeroos are back: Audrey, Hazel and Penelope. But this time things are very different! The Chickeroos see the funny side of idioms in this hilarious new book. So, don t let the cat out of the bag, just be as cool as a cucumber, and put all your ducks...
Jackson's Dream
Jackson's Dream by Alexandra Waite Jackson loves frankfurters. In fact he adores them! BUT ONE DAY SOMETHING VERY STRANGE HAPPENS! Jackson s Dream tells the adventure of a boy fulfilling a long-held dream. He turns into a frankfurter with an enormous appetite! A wonderfully anarchic and funny book for...
Keeping Clear of Paradise St..
In the 1950s there was no Internet, no iPhones, no games consoles, no colour TV. Sounds grim? Actually there was good stuff too. What kind of stuff? Well how about... secret tunnels... flea circuses... Saturday morning cinema... cows in the back garden? Cows in the back garden!? Yep. The past was a strange...
Millie, Mollie and Max
Millie, Mollie and Max by Rebecca Mills Millie the cat is a new addition to the family and is finding it difficult to overcome her fears. Despite Mollie and Max welcoming her she cannot be persuaded to venture outside. Then, one evening, Millie takes her first big step... A captivating story for younger...
My Nanna
My Nanna by Cherry Cobb My nanna's house is the best place to be. But who has more fun? Nanna or me? A fun rhyming book sharing memories of time spent with loved ones.
Pierre the Cat
Why would Pierre wish to venture out? Why should he feel the lure? When in his house, without a doubt, He feels safe and secure. Written by Glenn Lovegrove and beautifully illustrated by Basil M Waite, this is a delightful children's story about discovering new things. Follow Pierre on Instagram: @pierrethecatpicturebook...
Popcorn: The Unlikeliest of ..
Popcorn: The Unlikeliest of Friend PRE-ORDER Join Chris on an extraordinary journey as he discovers an unlikely friendship, and life-changing lessons, from the most unexpected source Lily's tiny hamster. In this heart-warming true story, witness how a small pet transforms into a loyal companion, teaching...
Ronnie the Cloud
Ronnie the Cloud by Imogen Hall Meet Ronnie the Cloud, a cloud in search of adventure. He travels from town to city, and across the ocean, looking for a purpose. Along the way, he meets lots of other clouds. But none of them seem to understand his mission. A heartwarming story that teaches children about...
The Adventures of Bobo
The Adventures of Bobo by Graham and Andrea Webster Bobo wants to go into the family family business. His mother and father are famous racehorses. And Bobo hopes he can do the same. But sadly he isn't good enough! After being taken away from his parents, Bobo makes friends with a human family. And for...
The Boy Who Was Always Warm
The Boy Who Was Always Warm by Yasmin Simsek What do you do when you are simply too hot to fall asleep? Little Ozzy and his mother have tried it all, but nothing seems to be working. When the lack of sleep gets in the way of your good behaviour, and when even the doctor doesn t know what to do, all hope...
The Haunted Staircase
THE HAUNTED STAIRCASE Fiction for children aged 9- 12. Four friends use a magic spell to travel back in time to solve a ghostly mystery in a Scottish castle.But things go wrong! They accidentally change history and, to their horror, they become trapped in the past working as servants in ghastly Victorian...
The Search For Mister Lloyd
Where do you even begin to search for your lost pigeon? Of course you put up LOST posters, pinning them to as many tree trunks as possible and handing them out to people in the street, but its not like you can actually look for a pigeon... or can you? Mister Lloyd fails to return home from his first...
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