The Laughing Gnome: Fear of the Web
The Laughing Gnome: Fear of the Web
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Lethbridge-Stewart - The Laughing Gnome: Fear of the Web
by Alyson Leeds
(Series 6, Book 2)

Dame Anne Bishop learned a long time ago that for every fixed point in time, this a fracture point, an event that is susceptible to catastrophic changes in the timeline. And when she is catapulted back in time, she discovers first hand that London, February 1969 is one such point.
The London Event, the trap set for the Doctor by the Great Intelligence, changed the course of human history, and for Anne Travers it set into place a series of events that would see the death of her father barely a year later.
Now, waking up in the body of a woman she barely knows, Anne is faced with the idea that perhaps she can change things – not enough to damage the timeline, but enough to save her father.
Meanwhile, Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself in the body of his younger self, on manoeuvres with the Scots Guards in Libya. Only, as he remembers, hes about to receive a call from his old commanding officer, Colonel Spencer Pemberton. A call that will drag into the London Event, and set him on a direct course for destiny!
Future and past are set to collide.

Book 3 in Lethbridge-Stewart series 6:
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A Wonderful Insight In To The Build Up of The Web Of Fear!
09 October 2020
I always loved the Doctor Who story Web of Fear. In this story we get the build up to the events that happened the TV story. We see how the fog and web start to appear around London, how the public react. We get some of the background on the men sent to tackle the problem. Sir Alistair has been projected back into the body of his younger self. He knows what should happen but soon finds out that for him it doesn't have to. He has a choice, does he make sure that he stays on track and help defeat the Yeti? Or does he choose to stay where he is and avoid having to fight Aliens for the rest of his life? Anne Travers has also been projected back, but not in to her younger self. In this new body Anne is planning to change the past, so that she can save her father from being taken over the The Great Intelligence! So will history change?
Sue Brand
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