Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
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Lethbridge-Stewart Series 8 & 9 Book Bundle
Includes books 1-3 of series 8 and books 1-3 of series 9!

Lethbridge-Stewart: Domination Game
By Aly Leeds & Megan Fizell
(Series 8, Book 1)

It’s time to move on.

Sally Wright has had enough of the Fifth Operational Corps to last a lifetime. She has been chased, kidnapped, and dogged by unknown horrors – and to top it all, the end of her engagement to Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart has cast a shadow over her career. In an effort to leave it all behind, she requests a transfer back to the Regular Army... But, after everything she’s seen, is it possible to return to normal life? And will the Brigadier let her go?

Harold Chorley cannot move on. While searching for answers to the missing gaps in his memory, he makes an alarming discovery; the Dominator war lord, Dominic Vaar, is no longer in prison. Hot on Vaar’s trail, Chorley discovers an experimental military project that seems sinister in its appetite for volunteers. Volunteers who are never heard from again.

William Bishop is not looking forward to life at the Madhouse without Anne Travers, but in heading up a mission to Gloucestershire with Sally and Chorley, he soon finds other things to worry about.

One thing is for sure, not everybody will survive this encounter with the Dominators!

Lethbridge-Stewart: Fear Frequency
By George Ivanoff
(Series 8, Book 2)

Former pop star turned entrepreneur Trevor Delacy and his Electric Soundscapes company are about to launch their new synthesiser onto the market. But all is not what it appears to be.

With much fanfare, a scary new science fiction series, Fear Frequency, premiers on British television. Cheaply produced and rather schlocky, it nevertheless makes an impact in an unexpected way, attracting the attention of Lieutenant Bill Bishop, who is still recovering from the events of ‘Domination Game’.

Discovering a connection between the television series and Delacy, Lethbridge-Stewart sends Regimental Sergeant Major Samson Ware to infiltrate Electric Soundscapes. Meanwhile, Bishop is eased back into active duty with a supposedly easy investigation of strange goings-on at an old persons’ care home.

Of course, nothing is ever easy for the Fifth Operational Corps, and Lethbridge-Stewart and his men soon find themselves battling against numerous opponents and frightening new weaponry.

Lethbridge-Stewart: The Haunting of Gabriel Chase
By Andrew Allen
(Series 8, Book 3)

1983, and Gabriel Chase burns. Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, teacher at BrendonSchool for Boys, had almost forgotten about the house. But the memories soonreturn to him, memories of thirteen years earlier…

1970, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne Travers, Captain William Bishop and RSM Samson Ware are brought to an old house in Perivale by an old friend of Samson's. An officer has been lost, and it is believed he may be in the house. 

They decide the only way to find out is to investigate within the house. But Gabriel Chase is waiting. It is always waiting. And once you're inside, you'll be very lucky to leave. 

Ghosts haunt Gabriel Chase. But who is in control? What is the angel? And who will escape?  Darkness falls. And heaven help anybody still inside after dark...

The official sequel to the 1989 Doctor Who serial Ghost Light. Inspired by ideas developed by Marc Platt.

Lethbridge-Stewart: Warriors of Montu 
By Gareth Madgwick
(Series 9, Book 1)

It was supposed to be a holiday. Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and his fiancée, Fiona, certainly deserved one. A steamer down the Nile and a guided tour of the ruins and artifacts of Ancient Egypt should have been perfect.

Then things went wrong: attacks on the passengers, secrecy, bizarre behaviour and a voice in Lethbridge-Stewart's head.

Something on the boat is so valuable that people will kill to get it. And, out in the desert, something is waking from a long slumber.

What do all of these things have to do with the Egyptian God Montu? One thing is for sure, Fiona is about to find out just how dangerous Lethbridge-Stewart's life can be.

Lethbridge-Stewart: The Overseers
By James Middleditch
(Series 9, Book 2)

The Fifth Operational Corps is preparing for the future, but are horrified to see the shape of things to come.

A new form of surveillance is spreading across the South Coast of England. The British people are being shown a new kind of peace, but at what cost? Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and his team fear it may already be too late when this revolutionary method of control extends its reach through the ordinary city streets.

There are other secrets at work too, stretching from the past through the hidden world beneath the surface.

With nowhere to hide, Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne Travers, Bill Bishop and Samson Ware must find new allies. With their own histories part of the pattern and the fate of the country at stake, can they resist a force that’s closing in from every direction?

Lethbridge-Stewart: Blue Blood 
by Chris Thomas
(Series 9, Book 3)

People go missing every day. It’s an unfortunate part of life, and tragic for the families involved. But when bodies of the missing start turning up, as if ripped apart by wild animals, the Fifth Operational Corps is called in to investigate.

Sergeant Major Samson Ware and Captain Bill Bishop head to Newcastle, after a spike in the missing persons’ reports, and form an alliance with young photographer Gary Merrin in an effort to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers try to find the recently returned Professor Ted Travers, who himself seems to have disappeared. Their investigations lead them to a World War II veteran, who is a shadow of his former self.

How are the disappearances linked to an experiment from the past? And just what is the connection with the missing Professor Travers?

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