Lethbridge-Stewart Series
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Times Squared Special Edition
Lethbridge-Stewart: Times Squared Special Edition by Rick Cross (Series 3, Book 1) A reprint of the original book featuring a brand new story by Rick Cross and a fantastic new cover! When Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, his fiancee Sally Wright and nephew Owain Vine embark on a much-needed holiday in New...
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The Grandfather Infestation
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Grandfather Infestation by John Peel (Series 2, Book 3) The late 1960s and pirate radio is at its height. Something stirs in the depths of the North Sea, and for Radio Crossbones that means bad news. Lethbridge-Stewart and his newly assembled Fifth Operational Corps are called...
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Bloodlines: Home Fires Burn
Lethbridge-Stewart - Bloodlines: Home Fires Burn by Gareth Madgwick (Series 7, Book 1) 1943. Britain's Home Front is feeling the pain of war. The Fourth Operational Corps has other things to worry about. A downed plane in the High Peak leads Professor Travers to a village full of buried secrets and a...
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Moon Blink
Lethbridge-Stewart: Moon Blink by Sadie Miller (Series 2, Book 1) Lethbridge-Stewart returns for a second series of original novels. 20th July 1969, and Neil Armstrong is about to take one giant leap for mankind... Only mankind is already on the moon. An old friend of Anne Travers pays her a visit, bringing...
Beast of Fang Rock
Lethbridge-Stewart: Beast of Fang Rock by Andy Frankham-Allen (Series 1, Book 3) " There's always death on the rock when the Beasts about. " Fang Rock has always had a bad reputation. Since 1955 the lighthouse has been out of commission, shut down because of fire that gutted the entire tower. But now,...
The Schizoid Earth
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Schizoid Earth by David A McIntee (Series 1, Book 2) The second novel in a brand-new series of novels set just after the Doctor Who serial The Web of Fear, featuring the characters and concepts created by Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln. Lethbridge-Stewart was supposed to be in...