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Travers and Wells: The City ..
Travers and Wells: The City of Dr Moreau vol 2 (Paperback) by Andrew Allen Wells blinked a couple of times, balling a fist into his eyes to rub away the sweat trickling there. But it was no good; the room was too dark and he still couldn t see anything. Nonetheless, he was painfully aware that someone...
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God Bless Hooky Street: An U..
Grant and Rich are fans of Only Fools and Horses. Well, of course they are, everyone is. Its the nations favourite show after all! But Grant and Rich are such fans that theyve decided to sit down together in a pub (or two) and watch every episode from start to finish, and give a running commentary on...
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Kangazang Audiobook
Kangazang! Remote Possibilities by Terry Cooper Audiobook CD Version A 3-disc A udiobook (read by Doctor Who's Colin Baker) plus bonus DVD! Two men. Saving the Universe. On Space Hoppers. Troubled Earthman Jeff Spooner and his eccentric barber Ray Scump set off across the galaxy to see the sights, find...
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Kangazang: Small Cosmos
AVAILABLE NOW! The final instalment of the Kangazang! trilogy, Kangazang! Small Cosmos continues the adventures of Jeff and Ray as they find half of the galaxy has been taken over by a militaristic army of peanuts. Meanwhile, Jeff's newborn baby, a highly advanced cyborg, is growing exponentially with...
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Lost in Christmas
Lost in Christmas by Michael Sloan When the Karoller family visit Macy s on Christmas Eve, they are magically transported from the real world onto a series of Christmas cards. As they jump from one card to another, they find themselves in Victorian England, meeting Elvis Presley, running away from dinosaurs,...
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The HAVOC Files: The Laughin..
The HAVOC Files: The Laughing Gnome by Multiple Authors (Series 6) Sir Alistair, Dame Anne and Brigadier Bishop have been astral projected throughout the Brigadier's timeline by the mysterious entity known only as the Laughing Gnome. Thirteen jumps, thirty-nine different adventures. Explore eight new...
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Shane the Chef: Let's Get Co..
Shane the Chef: Let's Get Cooking! Hardback PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: This version of Shane the Chef is discounted due to slight damage. The damage is hardly noticable and does not affect the function of the book. This version would still make a great present especially for budding chefs, who will...
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The Crumble Lady
The Crumble Lady by Lorraine Bowen The Crumble Lady is a SUBURBAN SUPERHERO! When she's not busy solving crimes, she's making cat food crumble, writing songs, and even getting her chums to save her town from a SHERBET EXPLOSION! There's NEVER a dull moment with the Crumble Lady! Tuck into a delicious...
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The House on March Lane
The House on March Lane by Michelle Briscombe In 1836, Harriet's papa, a ship's officer on HMS Beagle, returns from a long journey at sea. On his arrival home, Harriet and her friend Lily become involved in a dangerous secret with tragic consequences. Almost two centuries later, Flora's best friend Archie...
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Becky Bloomsfield: The Missi..
Becky Bloomsfield: The Missing Piece by Cherry Cobb Ever since Mum died life has been hard for eleven-year-old Becky Bloomsfield, but everything gets turned upside down when Dad brings home his new girlfriend, Posh Penny! Not only does Becky feel like her mum is being replaced, but Dad no longer seems...
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