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The Havoc Files 3 Special Ed..
The Havoc Files 3 Special Edition by Multiple Authors (Series 4) Strange fungoid creatures in Hull, a deserted Scottish village at Hallowe en, wishes coming true, and a special mission for Samson and Evans in Llanfairfach. Young Ali Lethbridge-Stewart and his friends investigate strange happenings in...
£15.00 £4.50
The HAVOC Files: The Laughin..
The HAVOC Files: The Laughing Gnome by Multiple Authors (Series 6) Sir Alistair, Dame Anne and Brigadier Bishop have been astral projected throughout the Brigadier's timeline by the mysterious entity known only as the Laughing Gnome. Thirteen jumps, thirty-nine different adventures. Explore eight new...
£10.00 £5.00
The House on March Lane
The House on March Lane by Michelle Briscombe In 1836, Harriet's papa, a ship's officer on HMS Beagle, returns from a long journey at sea. On his arrival home, Harriet and her friend Lily become involved in a dangerous secret with tragic consequences. Almost two centuries later, Flora's best friend Archie...
£6.99 £5.99
The Incredible Shrinking Ghost
The Incredible Shrinking Ghost by Brian Moses Do you think ghosts need to go to the toilet? Or do ghosts kiss? Yuck! Alex and Phoebe have a lot of questions about ghosts, but no one to ask until they meet Walter. He knows everything there is to know about ghosts. After all, he is one! But Walter has...
£7.99 £6.99
The Laughing Gnome: Fear of ..
Lethbridge-Stewart - The Laughing Gnome: Fear of the Web by Alyson Leeds (Series 6, Book 2) Dame Anne Bishop learned a long time ago that for every fixed point in time, this a fracture point, an event that is susceptible to catastrophic changes in the timeline. And when she is catapulted back in time,...
£8.99 £4.50
The Laughing Gnome: Lucy Wil..
Lethbridge-Stewart - The Laughing Gnome: Lucy Wilson & The Bledoe Cadets by Tim Gambrell (Series 6, Book 5) Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is still lost in time, cast through his own time stream by the mysterious Gnome. Answers are presented to him when he meets the architect of his travels, and is...
£8.99 £4.50
The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz ..
Like the classic Doctor Who Quiz Books of the 1980s, The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book features over 750 questions on the UNIT era of Doctor Who and beyond . For instance: In the television story The Time Monster what was TOMTIT? Who is attempting to penetrate the Earths crust in Inferno ? What relation...
£8.99 £4.50
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: A..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Avatars of the Intelligence by Sue Hampton (Book 1) Lucy Wilson doesn't want to move from London to sleepy south Wales. But when she arrives at her new seaside home, it doesn't appear to be as boring as she expected. Ogmore-by-Sea seems to be under the control of a mysterious...
£7.99 £6.99
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: C..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Christmas Crackers REVISED EDITION by Multiple Authors Ogmore-by-Sea seems to have gone back to its old sleepy way. But adventure never stops for Lucy Wilson and her best friend Hobo, not even during the holiday season... In the run up to the Christmas holidays, Lucy and Hobo...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: C..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Curse of the Mirror Clowns by Chris Lynch (Book 2) The circus is coming to town and it may never leave. Lucy Wilson is just about getting used to life in Ogmore-by-Sea. School, homework, friends, and the occasional alien... It's not easy being the new girl in town but, with...